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Mizoram - Land of the Highlanders.


Mizoram Land of Highlanders is one of the states of Northeast India, with Aizawl as its capital. The name is derived from Mi (people), Zo (Belonging to the people of Mizoram/Lushai Hills) and Ram (land), and thus Mizoram implies "land of the hill people". Mizoram is a landlocked state in North East India whose southern part shares 722 kilometers long international borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh, and northern part share domestic borders with Manipur, Assam and Tripura. It is the fifth smallest state of India with 21,087 km2 (8,142 sq mi). The tropic of cancer runs through the state nearly at its middle. The maximum north-south distance is 285 km, while maximum east-west stretch is 115 km.

Mizoram Entry Formalities -

Domestic Tourists - Inner Line Pass is required for entry into Mizoram and can be obtained from Liaison Officer, Government of Mizoram from the following cities Kolkata, Silchar, Shillong, Guwahati or New Delhi. Government employees travelling for official purposes are exempted from obtaining ILP but are required to carry a photo identification card with them at all times. Tourists arriving by air can obtain passes from the Security Officer on arrival at Lengpui airport. Two types of ILP can be issued :

  • Temporary - 15 days at a time which can be renewed once for another 15 days.

  • Regular - 6 months at a time which can be renewed twice for another 6 months each. However, sponsorship from a local resident or a Government Department is required.

International Tourists - All foreign nationals have to register themselves at the office of Superintendent of Police (CID/SB) Mizoram who is the designated Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) of the State within 24 hours of arrival. Citizens of Afghanistan, China and Pakistan and foreign nationals having their origin in these countries would continue to require prior approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs before entering the state.

Civilization - The origin of the Mizos, like those of many other tribes in the northeastern India, is shrouded in mystery. The people living in the Mizo Hills were generally referred to as the cucis or kukis by their neighbouring ethnic groups which was also a term adopted by the British writers. The claim that 'The Kukis are the earliest known residents of the Mizo hills area. The majority of the tribes classified as "Mizo" today most likely migrated to their present territories from the neighbouring countries in several waves, starting around 1500 AD.

Special Interest for Travelers focuses - An amalgam of the former North and South Lushai Hill districts, Mizoram is a land of great natural beauty, an endless variety of landscape with rich flora and fauna, clusters of whispering pines and quaint villages with houses on stilts.

The Tropic of Cancer runs through the heart of Mizoram, and hence, it has a pleasantly temperate climate throughout the year. A land of steep hills and deep gorges, Mizoram's highest peak 'The Blue Mountain' rises to a height of 2165 metres. Important rivers that flow through this hilly state are Tlawang, Sonai, Tuivawl, Kolodine and Kamaphuli.

The lush green vegetations and forests infested with many type of animals signify the rich Mizoram Flora & Fauna. The excellent flora and fauna of Mizoram is a strong reason behind its popularity among the tourists.

The abundance of bamboo forests is one high point of Mizoram's flora. The hills of Mizoram have dense deciduous vegetations. The valleys and the mountain peaks are blessed with many known and unknown orchids. The ever admirable rhododendron is seen in abundance in these areas. The Blue Mountain is one such place where the Veitchiunum and Arboretum species of Rhododendron are found in plenty. The animal kingdom of Mizoram comprises of several rare and endangered species. Some of the animals found in the Mizoram forests, wild life sanctuaries and national parks-

  • Bear

  • Tiger

  • Hoolock Gibbon

  • Leopard

  • Porcupine

  • Mongoose

  • Claw-less Otter

  • Chinese Pangolin

The forest areas and the lakes of Mizoram attract large number of migratory birds beside the local birds. Several species of Pheasants, Hawks, Eagles, Bulbuls, Herons and Egrets are sighted in Mizoram. Numerous species of butterflies, moths and many colorful insects are also found in these regions.

Destinations - Mizoram state is a sandwiched between the mighty Himalayan foothills and the plateau of Meghalaya. Just chill in the lovely, nature fresh , naturally air conditioned weather, understand the local culture and way of living, soak in the peace and tranquility and unwind for a while. Mizoram tourism has identified several destinations and tourism circuits for infrastructure, accommodation and other developments. The state that has 21 major peaks of varied heights. High hills and breathtaking valleys along with rivers and lakes make Mizoram one of the most sought after holiday destinations in North East India.

Aizawl - The largest city in Mizoram and the state's capital, Aizawl, is located in a picturesque setting on the ridges of hills at an altitude of 1132 m above sea level overlooking valley and hill ranges beyond. Rightly called the "Home of Highlanders", Aizawl also boasts of cultural richness. Here are the leading destinations in Aizawl.

  • Bung

  • Tamdil Lake

  • Paikhai

  • Mini Zoological Garden

  • Mizoram State Museum

  • Luangmual Handicrafts Centre

  • Sibuta Lung

  • Khawnlung Wildlife Santuary

  • Durtlang Hills

Champhai - Located at an altitude of 1678 m, Champhai overlooks the largest plains in the state of Mizoram. It offers a spectacular view of Myanmar's hill ranges. It is famously referred to as the "Fruit Bowl of Mizoram". It is also home to ancient relics and monuments, which reflect the rich past of the land. Given below are some of the leading tourist attractions in Champhai.

  • Murlen National Park

  • Rih Dil Lake

  • Kawlkulh

  • Phawngpui Peak

  • Lengteng Hills

  • Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Lamsial Puk

  • Palak Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Fiara Tui

  • Kungawrhi Puk

  • Mura Puk

  • Thasiama Seno Neihna

  • Hnahlan

  • Lalruanga Lung

Lunglei - The second largest city in Mizoram only second to Aizawl, Lunglei is located at a higher altitude than the state's capital. Lunglei derives its name from a rock resembling a bridge here. It is an ideal location to have some of the most spectacular views the state can offer. Majestic hills, lush greenery and rich culture of the land attract tourists in great numbers. Here are some of the top destinations in Lunglei.

  • Lunglei - Bridge of Rock

  • Serkawn

  • Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Nghasih Stream

  • Theiriat Tlang

  • Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Saza Wildlife Sanctuary

Serchhip - Located between Mat and Tuikam Rivers, Serchhip is home to the state's highest waterfalls and 8th highest mountain. A wide range of endangered species is found here. The district shares borders with Myanmar. Thenzawl, a town in Serchhip houses Mizo handloom industry where traditional items are available.

  • Vantawng Waterfalls

  • Zoluti Hriatrengna Lung

  • Chhingpuii Thlan

  • Thenzawl Deer Park

Lawngtlai - Lawngtlai shares its boundaries with the neighboring country Bangladesh. The western side of the district is covered by dense unexplored forests. If you are looking for a place to enjoy oneness with nature with lesser sightseeing destinations, you would probably want to land in Lawngtlai. You would not miss these two destinations in Lawngtlai.

  • Vengpui Peak

  • Lohawka Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Kawmzawl

  • Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Traditional shopping - A Saturday street market sprawls along the street with village women offering fruit, vegetables, maybe a dead pig, fish and live hens in individualised wickerwork carry-away baskets.Shopping for souvenirs, buy the Khumbeu ceremonial bamboo hat, made of waterproof wild Hnathial leaves. Bara Bazaar is the main shopping market of Aizawl, where all handicraft and handloom items are sold. The other shopping markets in Mizoram are New Market, Ritz Market, Bazar Bungkawn, Thakthing Bazar, Burma Lane and Solomon Cave.

    Mizoram - Land of the Highlanders will always implies "land of the hill people".


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